FortiGate Multi-Threat Security System I & II

FortiGate Multi-Threat Security System I & II

Fecha: 28 agosto, 2017 - 8:00 am
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Learn how to use basic FortiGate features and Advanced FortiGate networking and security.

You will explore firewall policies, basic VPNs, antivirus, web filtering, application control, user authentication, and more. These administrative fundamentals will provide you with a solid understanding of how to integrate basic network security. Topics also include features commonly applied in complex or larger enterprise or MSSP networks, such as advanced routing, transparent mode, redundant infrastructure, advanced IPsec VPN, IPS, SSO, data loss prevention, abd diagnostics.


  1. Introduction to FortiGate
  2. Logging and Monitoring
  3. Firewall Policies
  4. Network Address Translation (NAT)
  5. Firewall Authentication
  6. SSL VPN
  7. Basic IPsec VPN
  8. Antivirus
  9. Explicit Proxy
  10. Web Filtering
  11. Application Contro
  12. Routing
  13. Virtual Domains
  14. Transparent Mode and Layer 2 Switching
  15. High Availability
  16. Advanced IPsec VPN
  17. Intrusion Prevention and Denial of Service
  18. Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO)
  19. Certificate Operations
  20. Data Loss Prevention
  21. Diagnostics
  22. Hardware Acceleration
  23. IPv6

Contenido FortiGate I – Datasheet Download
Contenido FortiGate II – Datasheet Download

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